The additional popular points of interest in Ukraine

Many people know Ukraine as a place of conflict but it is not just that Ukraine has. Ukraine has its also rich treasure of beautiful places that tourists like to visit. There are areas that are restricted due to the conflict but there are places that are still open. In this article, we will see the popular destinations in Ukraine not considering the effect of war. In the pages, you can read the popular tourists spots so this is the continuation. Here is an infographic.

One of the places that are good to visit is Kamyanets-Podilsky which holds its own rich history. This city is one of the oldest in existence in the country. This is an island that is rocky and you can have the privilege to see the canyon where the Smotrich River flows. Your next destination is Chernihiv that is notable for hosting a generation of people for already over 2, 000 years. If you want to witness an amazing landscape in a park covering hectares of land then you visit the masterpiece created in the Cherkassy town in the Uman region. There is this agency that process visa in accordance. China passport agency is ever a nice and wonderful agency. This is the most trusted by many.

The next one is in Poltava which is found between the regions of Kyiv and Kharkiv. This place is popular because it is the place where a historical battle took place. This battle was between the Cossacks which is written to be led by their leader named Mazepa together with the Swedes. They are against the army that is led by Czar Peter I. In this war, the Russians wins and they have established some control as Ukraine slowly disappeared.  Look info about this agency. They help you to get the best card for your visa, see here 卡式台胞證. So good and helpful.